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Mann IT
Our Expertise:

Computer Bureau Service – tailor-made especially for Small & Medium scale enterprises, the omnipresent, hardworking NGOs etc – we at Mann IT who use state-of-the-art technology are now ready to help You!

As an analogy: would you buy a costly Photocopier machine? Not really, as it would be too costly - so you would rather and logically 'outsource' or simply hop across to the closest 'Photo-Copying' stores and obtain your photo-copies or better still if the quality of photocopying meets with your high standards, sign up a monthly / annual contract with this new, reliable photocopying ‘shop’ to undertake all your photocopying without the hassle of
[a] investing in a costly photocopier
[b] attempt to service it and/or repair the machine with your in-house staff who would invariably compound the problems
[c] checking on heaps of wastage etc.

Similarly to above photocopier scenario let’s look at the costly IT sector in your set-up. Today no company big or small could survive without 'computers' and an IT Team. But there are many pitfalls in attempting to 'Do It Yourself IT' - look at the high cost of purchasing computers, printers, servers, UPS's, computer hardware/software - the works!

Then consider the cost of training staff, to impart the necessary skills – yet ‘staff’ being staff 'love to do OT' after working hours to attend to, yes, IT work! Or who invariably leave your company at the 'drop of a hat' when someone else/competitor offers a trifle more. Or when they get sick or take 'holidays' when you need them most - sound familiar??!!

Then what about the costly space you require to allocate to 'house' above costly / heavy / space eating equipment?

The above examples are only a few of the 'litany of woes' that you would encounter with this broad and complex subject of setting up IT Services ‘In-House’ – no wonder many consider it as a nightmare!

So be smart - avoid the hassle of hiring costly IT staff, expensive IT equipment [which seems to get 'outdated' each year!]; precious office space etc - leave all your IT work to us - simply 'outsource' us for ALL your IT needs. And it’s so cost-effective too.

By seeking our assistance you would not have to invest your hard-earned cash in buying costly capital items. You need to invest only a nominal monthly fee for our on-going professional expertise.

We at Mann IT would gladly offer you the very best of the very latest
‘Cloud Computing’ to make your business to be ultra-effective.

After all with our constant inputs your staff would be more gainfully employed – to be more productive in backdrop of NO Holidays, No Day-offs, No Weekends, No ‘rainy days’, No off times, No lunch breaks etc.

You don’t have to be desk-bound to monitor your business – just boot your Laptop or switch on your mobile phone on the move and you ‘are in business’, seriously! We’ll keep a track of your business performance and offer you customized / reader-friendly management reports.

Your valuable customers/clients/dealers get INSTANT Interactive responses ANYTIME, and yes, ANYWHERE on planet Earth!

So relax – let us take care of your load – You take that break you and your family were yearning for and what you deserve. Or Mann IT would free you to think alone – to improve your business further. Just think!

Our credo revolves around LISTENING to you and take in ALL your Needs and then Design Effective Solutions Tailor Made for YOU!

Our Vision:

To be ethical always and to proactively imbibe culture of Continuous Improvement and exceed customer expectations whilst always delighting them.

Some of the Service Sectors that would benefit by joining Mann IT:

Tourism Industry - Guest houses / Motels / Eco Lodges etc; Auto Spares dealers; Book Suppliers; Agri Chemicals dealers; Dealers in Animal Feed; Aqua-Culture; Flori-Culture; Baby Food; Motor Cycles / 'push' cycles, dealers in Paper Sacks for e.g. Tea Industry; Can manufacturers; dealers in Industrial Cables / Bearings / Chains / Sprockets - yes any line of business that requires 'reservations'; ordering of items; stock inventory management etc AND linking customers with YOU, in short!
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